The Benefits of GripCoach to Coaches….

As all coaches know, the correct grip is fundamental to producing a good tennis stroke. The purpose of the GripCoach is to act as a quick and instant checking reference that saves valuable coaching time making your time with the student more effective.

This is achieved by…..

  • The coach gets to spend more time on their half of the court instead of crossing over all the time.
  • The coach can simply call out to the student to check their grip against the GripCoach.
  • Colour coded grip reference lines enable even the youngest students to select the right grip quickly and easily.
  • The coach can spend more time on stoke technique.
  • The GripCoach offers immediate visual checking reference to the student.
  • The GripCoach continues to be a reference during practice times when you’re not there.
  • The GripCoach is suitable for Adult students that are unaware of the various grips necessary and the advantage of using the correct grip.
  • The GripCoach means that if you only see your player once a week you won’t have to repeatedly go over the grips again and again!
  • The GripCoach stops the player from choking the racquet which is a common problem with beginners, because they have to be able to see the grip.
  • The GripCoach is the simplest and most cost effective tennis training aids on the market.