Benefits for tennis students

GripCoach has been designed so new players can understand and perform the different grips required in tennis quicker.

GripCoach is an essential part of every player’s introduction to the game. Whether you have just bought a new tennis racket or are having your first tennis lesson.

GripCoach is an easy to understand tennis-training aid that is guaranteed to teach new players faster.

When a player attends a tennis lesson for the first time, they are taught the different grips for the different shots. GripCoach can now become your first coach.

Note: GripCoach is best understood under the instruction of a registered trained tennis professional.

If you look at the bottom of your racket there is 8 segments (referred to as Bevels). The position of your hand in relation to theses bevels will then determined the type of grip you have. All advanced tennis player’s hands move around the grip for the different shots.

GripCoach makes it so much easier and quicker to learn these positions.

The main guide used to teach players about the grip is the V that is formed between a person’s index finger and thumb.